Servant LeadershipMeet the Officers of the Church

Our church leadership balances the concerns of the individual, the congregation, and the broader church so that the headship of Christ is faithfully represented.


Our deacons serve in many capacities. They manage the finances of the church, care for the material needs of the congregation, and provide financial help to a range of Christian ministries.

John Benningfield

Deacon and Sexton

Jonathan van Tol

Deacon and Treasurer

Article 45. A deacon is a member of the Church chosen by the congregation and ordained to office by prayer and the laying on of hands to aid in securing the funds necessary for the support of the Church in its various activities, and to foster the principles of stewardship, thereby cultivating the spirit of liberality and cheerful giving. He is to attend to the temporal affairs of the congregation, except such as are specified in Article 12 of this Constitution, and to look after the poor and needy in properly dispensing the charity of the Church.


Our consistory has broad oversight of the finances, building, and activities of the church. It is responsible to serve Christ and function under the constition of the church.

Article 61. The Consistory is composed of the pastor or pastors and the elders and deacons, and has oversight and government of the congregation and of all its organizations.

Article62. The pastor shall be President of the Consistory, unless the existing charter provides otherwise. When a charge is without a pastor, or the pastor is unable to attend, one of the elders shall be chosen to preside. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum, unless otherwise provided in the charter or constitution of the congregation.

Worship Times

Sunday School, 9:00 a.m.

(Not held during June-August)

Sunday Morning Worship, 10:00 a.m.

The Lord's Supper, 1st Sunday

Sunday Evening Worship, 6:00 p.m.